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Warning - Consumer Alert

Choosing a contractor because of a TV ad or a large Yellow Page ad can be an expensive mistake.

Many independent professional engineers will not certify the repair techniques so widely advertised on television.

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UP-RITE Foundation Support Systems


Welcome to UpRite Foundation

Thank you for your interest in UPRITE Foundation Support Systems. We are eager to talk with you about your specific needs. Remember, not all foundations are created equal, so it will be absolutely necessary to have a thorough inspection

Highly expansive soils typically found in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex, exposed to a combination of extremes in wet and dry conditions from heavy rains, then hot, dry days, and an occasional plumbing problem, result in soil expansion or movement around (and under) the foundation causing settling or, in some cases, lifting of the foundation structure which cracks and becomes uneven. Tell-tale signs of this condition are: cracks in exterior brick walls, cracks in interior sheetrock walls, hard to close doors, and uneven floors to name a few.

Many homeowners in the Dallas Ft Worth area are faced annually by sinking foundations, cracked and damaged walls or uneven floors. These are problems surrounding the issues of unstable soils such as extreme moisture conditions or lack of proper drainage will subject a house or building to the shifting foundation. This ultimately results in structural damage and loss of your investment. Call Uprite Foundation today, we have fixed over 25,000 homes since 1980.


UPRITE FOUNDATION is a full service foundation repair company that provides professional and knowledgeable expertise.


Specializing In:

  • Foundation Installation
  • Remediation and Replacement
  • Underpinning and Releveling of Structures


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